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Photo Resizer: What is Image Resizing?

Image Resizing is a confusing term; it has no specific meaning until we say what exactly we want to achieve. In simple words, resize your image is to change its size in any way. However, when we talk about photo resizer, it remains very vague and ambiguous until it is specified which method we decide to use for resizing.

Different Ways to use Image Resizer Online

You can resize image online in various different ways, all offering different results and meanings.

Crop Photo: Crop Photo Editor can serve various purposes. Whether you want to crop out an unwanted face in the background of your photo or you just want to cut away some of the edges, your image will be resized. It is similar to zooming in a little tighter or using scissors on paper, and still, if there are sufficient remaining pixels, you can always enlarge the image or print it.

By crop image online you can resize your image by removing any empty, distracting or unwanted area that draws attention away from the subject while contributing nothing. When you resize image online by cropping it, you increase its size in the frame, making it more prominent. Often, a little crop foto will resize pictures and improve the composition of the images as it removes distracting or uninteresting area, focusing more on the actual subject, making it larger and more detailed.

Image Resampling:Resampling is another way to resize image to create a new image of varying dimensions. For instance, in resampling 4000 pixels across an image will be replaced with only 1000 new pixels, having the same scene view, with a significantly smaller image size. Resampling an image is important when you want to remove excess image size and make it smaller. Maybe you want the picture to appear smaller on a video screen, or print a smaller paper print, or to send it in an email. However, there is no going back so never overwrite the original file. When you resample image, make a copy of it. When you resize pictures with resampling, you must always consider that resampling is irreversible, the smaller file will have enough pixels for the smaller file size, but less than the original file.

Image Scaling:Another efficient way for online pic resize is to scale an existing image for print paper. Scaling will only change the dpi number, which is just a number; it doesn’t change the image shape or image pixels in any way (there is no cropping or resampling); however, it affects the video screen (which doesn’t use dpi). Scaling works well for printing the images on paper. It only changes the single dpi number (ppi), which is just an arbitrary number separately stored in the image file. The printing device just utilises it and only changes the size of the image printed on the paper. There will be no effect of the number on the computer screen.

Why is it essential to use Online Photo Resizer?

Photo resizing is a tricky business that people seem to always have issues with. Although, we are not quite sure why because it is a straightforward process. Now you can even resize image online using any free image resizer tool.

Whenever it comes to the online image sharing and storage, image file size really matters, especially if you have slow internet connection. Who would like to wait forever for an image or page to load? Often people can run out of patience and just bail out, looking for other websites. It is, therefore, important to share or post small files on the web.

Now that doesn’t sound very hard, right? However, it is astonishing that in spite of all this being so simple, all of us often experience slow loading websites. People take photos with digital cameras; consequently, huge image files are created, and then when they try to share or post the pictures online, it often has disastrous results.

Let’s have a look at a few reasons why you would want to resize image online:

Reduced upload time:Start with resizing your pictures. You don’t want your website or blog to take ages to load. It is a requirement of some social media platforms that you only upload images of a particular size such as you can’t attach a file more than a given size in emails. That is why online pic resize is helpful for reducing the image file size. Moreover, a website that takes longer to load isn’t user-friendly, and people do not like to visit such sites.

Blogs can play up with large images:If you have added huge images to your blog, then it is likely to make a mess; especially if there are sliders on the homepage.

To achieve uniform sized images:If you wish to attain uniform size image files then it is ideal to resize image before uploading them to your blog to make them appealing and ticking like clockwork.

Resizing images used to be very problematic but not anymore. With the availability of many online photo resizer or picture resizer tools, now you can easily resize your image.

About us offers you free services to allow you to resize your images online. Our goal is to provide our users with a convenient yet efficient tool.

Online Image Editor

Resize Photo is an online photo resizer application to resize image online. This is not just an image resizer but also an image editor. You can perform various actions including crop, rotate, and flip an image. Our objective is to provide a simple yet efficient picture resizer for easy and quick image resizing.

Simple and Reliable

It is a small start-up launched by our professional and dedicated team of software developers. We believe in providing our users with tools that are both simple and reliable to use.

Beginner-friendly Interface

This online photo resizer is easy enough for anyone to use for resizing and creating beautiful and high-quality images without requiring any technical expertise or special skills.

Free and Quick

It is a free tool, which means you don’t have to register or sign up. With this tool, we hope that it will help you avoid using photos with larger size. Use if you want to resize your images and give your artistic and creative skills a boost.


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